IT transition management


Minimising risks, maximising value

Transitioning IT services, know-how and people in an outsourcing engagement can be complex. Effective IT transition management ensures your environment is integrated in a seamless manner with a focus on maximising business availability.

ASHFORD CONSULTING ‘s proven transition methodologies, practices and processes focus on results and identify sustainable opportunities for streamlining and strengthening your operations. Our approach is supported by a rigorous project management framework and effective communication and governance.

A transition plan is developed outlining critical milestones and expected outcomes with an emphasis on the following:

Minimising and mitigating risk

Ensuring knowledge retention

Providing operational stability

Delivering sustainable value


Business Consulting

Accelerate your business transformation with ASHFORD CONSULTING

Does your business know how to adopt new technology that drives your growth? How about one that can execute sustainable change successfully delivering real gains?

We are going through a technology revolution that is affecting us all. Our experiences as consumers, employees, customers and suppliers are all changing in an unprecedented way with new opportunities and challenges around every corner.

Issues like Big Data, Consumerisation, Social Media, Mobility, Cloud and the Digital Enterprise are all out there but understanding what it means to you is not always easy. Identifying the opportunities for adoption and delivering successful outcomes through a transformation programme can be even harder.

Our SWITZERLAND based Business Engineers can help you work through the issues and assist you in every step of the way. Whether you need help forming or reviewing your Strategy, or identifying and managing the benefits in delivering it we have experts that can advise and assist across your organisation.

Our experience encompasses many sectors, addressing a range of issues that deliver compliance, innovation and a more profitable future. One size does not fit everyone, so ASHFORD CONSULTING  Business acts as a catalyst for operational improvement by adapting our approaches to suit your specific needs.


Cyber security

Helping to keep society safe in a digital world

Everyone knows that Cyber security is an issue – government, businesses and individuals rely on the Internet and IT systems and have come to realise they are at risk from cyber attack. These attacks are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and stealthy, targeting people, networks and devices. There are many questions:

  • Are you meeting your legal obligations to keep your data secure?
  • Do you understand the impact of a successful cyber attack upon your business?
  • Is there anything about your business environment that makes you prone to attack?
  • How do you ensure that security is seen as an enabler to future business success?
  • Are you confident that your security measures are sufficient?
  • How do you cost-justify investment in better security?

Building a good team of cyber security specialists is also becoming harder as the demand for these scarce skills skyrockets. They need access to the latest local and global information sources to predict and prevent attacks, as well as understand the attackers, from sophisticated espionage teams, to cyber criminals perpetrating a new fraud, to hacktivists wanting to embarrass organisations.

At ASHFORD CONSULTING , cyber security is part of our core business.

We can be the cyber security partner you can trust.

We can provide experts who have the deep, specialist skills you need and who are part of one of the largest teams of cyber security professionals in the SWITZERLAND.

We can operate security services on your behalf that allow you to focus critical resources elsewhere within your business.

We understand security from all angles – technology, business and legal – with specialists who can assess your cyber security risk, work with you to design and implement secure solutions, systems and services that will underpin your business’ future successes.

For more than 10 years, we have helped clients manage complex security challenges with a business-focused approach.

We work with leading corporations across the commercial sectors and governments in SWITZERLAND, US, Canada and across Europe.

We are a key player in several SWITZERLAND and global information-sharing groups which include International organisations, universities and IT and security organisations.

We offer cyber security consultancy, solutions and services, including:

  • Risk and vulnerability assessments, security improvement plans, compliance checks, insider threat analysis, threat trends, training services, recovery planning and security audits;
  • Secure solutions design such as mobile and cloud, pen testing, secure systems engineering, identity and access management, system test and evaluation and crypto management;
  • Managed security services for protective monitoring and analysis, giving you protection via our worldwide network of Security Operations Centres (SOCs), including our SWITZERLAND SOC. We also provide security management services including network and device management, incident response and advanced investigation/analytics for dealing with advanced threats.

As one of the world’s most reputable systems integrators and managed service providers, we invest heavily in our cyber security capabilities, establishing our widely recognised credentials gained by working closely with international security associations and standards bodies.


Cyber Security Solutions

Protect your business

Cyber Security is part of everything we do and we have spent over 10 years creating secure solutions for public sector and commercial clients.

Organisations face ongoing attempts by malicious individuals and organisations to gain unauthorised access to facilities, systems and data.  It is vital that the right people have access to the right information over a trusted infrastructure with processes that are easy and efficient to manage, scale and grow.

We believe building security into systems at the earliest concept and design phases is the only effective way to secure the complex, integrated and inter-connected solutions that organisations rely on to operate and grow.


We focus on three things:

  • Secure design which include the appropriate level of security controls and crypto management
  • Testing for vulnerabilities and providing certifications for products and systems
  • Quantifying your controls and justifying the investment

Our services include:

  • Secure systems engineering – security architecting and design of large, complex, integrated, multi-level secure systems
  • Test and evaluation – penetration testing, product evaluation and testing

Securing next generation technologies –  internet of things, mobile and cloud