Compagny Overview


ASHFORD CONSULTING is a global business with a strong team located in Switzerland who provide end-to-end business process services that facilitate the ongoing evolution of our clients businesses.

We are truly different.  You wanted credible people with relevant experience who can act worldwide. Our global team, has more than 10 years highly experienced people, with more than half a millennium of experience.

We have grown our practice around the brightest people with varied backgrounds and more than two thirds of our team have held line management roles in industry in European and global businesses.

We have successfully completed many projects across a wide range of sectors and service lines.

We are leading people, who bring real life experience and look for the right approach for you.  We work with you, using tried and tested methods developed from years of hands-on experience to deliver efficient and consistent results. Our credentials demonstrate the breadth of our expertise across a full range of services including financial and working capital, technology, operations and leadership.

Our professionals can deliver objective, value-added solutions that will enable you to strengthen internal controls and governance processes, implement sound organisational strategies, increase technological capabilities and improve your operational efficiency.


Experience the commitment®

Our aspiration is very simple: to be the best at what we do and help our clients to succeed.

To achieve this, we foster local accountability for client success whilst bringing our global strength and onshore, nearshore and offshore delivery capabilities to deliver the right blend of solutions for our clients.  Across the country, we have members who bring specific industry knowledge with a broad range of client experience in order to be a true partner.  We differentiate ourselves by our way of working — approachable, flexible and easy to do business with.

Innovation and technology and service delivery are our focus. Our goal is to ensure our clients remain ahead of the competition, whilst ensuring they meet compliance requirements and operate securely. We provide a full spectrum of managed services—from the IT and business process outsourcing to systems integration and consulting—that are transforming our clients’ operations and helping them to succeed.


The rapid evolution of technology, economic and social trends is changing the world of business. Companies need to innovate and adapt to change much more quickly, but the prevailing leadership style in many businesses prevents this from happening.

With available system and process efficiencies already achieved, many companies are looking to develop more innovative and empowered cultures that unlock growth through their people. To attract and retain talent from the millennial generation, companies need to incorporate wider environmental and ethical concerns and build sustainable organisations.

We do this using a combination of culture and organisation assessment, redesign of systems, processes and work practices, board effectiveness, leadership and board facilitation, development and coaching.

Many businesses are merging, acquiring or divesting businesses as they mature and seek to stay competitive in their market places. We assist organisations pre, during and post merger, to align people and culture to realise strategic ambitions without eroding value, or losing valued talent.



In today’s uncertain economic environment there are many reasons why the challenges facing your business might be shifting.

A number of industries now operate in a low growth environment, with little immediate prospect of an improvement in organic revenue expansion. In some areas, low growth also reflects structural shifts in consumer preferences. Against this backdrop, for some of you the route to retaining your competitive edge will be to innovate, for others it will be to make acquisitions. For all of you, it will be to run lean and cost effective operations.

We can support you through all these changes. Working with the right people is vital to ensuring you implement change successfully. At Ashford Consulting, understanding change is what we do.


Our approach is different. In a manufacturing business, everything starts and finishes with the customer. For us as advisers, the critical question is how can we help businesses add value for their customers?

We understand the whole value chain and will look at your business as a whole to see how the different parts should work together. Our integrated approach combines strategic thinking with practical delivery of operational solutions. Where our mandate is to look at improving a specific function, our recommendations will still be informed by our understanding of the business as a whole.


Information technology is one of the most important, strategic and vulnerable assets in an organisation.

IT underpins core business functions, making the Head of IT or Chief Information Officer (CIO) an integral component to a company’s overall success. As technology changes at an accelerating pace, the successful selection and efficient implementation of information technology solutions can make a truly competitive difference, driving business leaders to expect increasingly capable, cost-effective and secure technology. To meet these expectations IT leaders face a plethora of challenges from standardisation of infrastructure and services, efficiency programmes or business transformation initiatives, to large-scale project execution; and all of this in face of regulatory compliance demands and a shortage of skilled resources.

IT strategy

A clearly defined strategy for IT is vital. We can help you to set strategic goals for the implementation and utilisation of systems, and translate business requirements into measurable IT objectives that are integral to the overall business strategy. This process typically includes system components, hardware, software and communications equipment; it should determine management and organisational requirements for IT, address delivery and governance models be they internal, external or a mixture of insourced and outsourced solutions, and consider operational improvement and cost reduction opportunities.

Where required, we can provide short to medium term interim IT management resource, to work as part of your existing management team at an operational or strategic level, focused on ensuring that immediate business needs are met and that long-term business goals are identified and planned.